MacArthur Park’s tour of America’s Regional Cuisine & BBQ takes a year long road trip around the country delving into our proud food heritage. At each road trip stop month we dig-in to a new region and pair seasonal produce to create a menu that reflects BBQ favorites and iconic dishes that have been passed down through the generations.

A creative beverage program compliments each menu.  After all, can you think of Kentucky Derby without a Mint Julep, Washington DC without the Gin Rickey, New Orleans without the Sazerac or Manhattan without the Manhattan?  Add to the list of historic cocktails the incredible influx of small batch handmade whiskey, rye, and gin, beers and wines, and we have a unique “made in the USA” appeal to our drink list. Guests experience the regional cuisine created by local available product and the immigrant diversity that shaped it. Our Pre Fixe menus feature a starters, entrée and dessert, creatively channeling the rich history of each region.  We start things off  in New Orleans for the month of February.  Then in March we head to New Mexico to warm things up a bit.  And hankering for some North Carolina BBQ in April.  By May we return to Kentucky in time for the Derby.  By June we will celebrate being home in California, July in Texas, August in Georgia, September in Tennessee for Memphis style BBQ and back to Chicago in October. We are back to Kentucky for May.

PRESS RELEASE:  MacArthur Park’s American BBQ Road Trip Sets Off for 2016  - First stop: Mardi Gras New Orleans

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North Carolina

North Carolina love to BBQ, and they've got BBQ traditions going back through the generations. We just couldn't resist a Road Trip Stop. Dalton pulled a lot of smoked and BBQ'd pork shoulder and guests loved it. He even perfected the regional favorite BBQ sauce: Carolina Gold.


Life is good in the Golden State…Our regional California cuisine is driven by seasonal local ingredients picked at the peak of freshness and simple time honored cooking techniques that allow for unspoiled clean flavors to shine through.



In October, MacArthur Park gets back to its Midwestern roots and Chef’s have a great time in the kitchen with the comfort food from the windy city.  Start with a speakeasy classic cocktail like a Gin Rickey, or French 75.  For appetizers, we’ve got a Classic Wedge Salad topped with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon or Pulled Pork Sliders.  For entrees try a Polish Sausage alongside and our famous Midwestern Baby Back Ribs, or a T bone with Tarragon Béarnaise Sauce or a Fried Shrimp and House Made Fries.  View Menu

New Orleans

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In February, we paid homage to Mardi Gras in the Big Easy, with Oysters, Cornmeal Crusted Whole Mississippi Catfish, Gumbo, and Bourbon Baby Back Ribs.  Our bartenders mixed Hurricanes and Sazeracs, made with a Craft American Whiskey and Rye.  Rum Soaked Corn Bread Pudding with Warm Bourbon Sauce finished a fun stop to the Southeast.


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Things heat up with our take on Texas style BBQ, complete with Sam Houston's namesake BBQ sauce, smothering our smoked Beef Ribs.  Touches of Texas include Pepitas and Ancho Chile in our Rio Grapefruit Salad, and Traditional Sopa de Lima.  Texas style desserts include – Vanilla Ice Cream with Cinnamon Churros with Dulce de Cajeta, and Chef Antonio's own Pecan Pie.  The bar plans Tito's Texas Tea and a Texas Lemonade spiked with Bulleit Bourbon.  Join us in July for some real Texas BBQ on our patio.

Kentucky...just in time for Kentucky Derby, we'll celebrate with the best Juleps around – Traditional Mint Julep, Antebellum Julep with Courvoisier, and Southern Addiction Julep, made with Southern Comfort.  For starters we'll go traditional with Mini Hot Browns.  Entrée features include Low Country Shrimp and Grits, Kentucky-Style Smoked and BBQd Spare Ribs, and BBQ Beef Brisket.  Guests will be delighted by Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake for dessert.


September in Palo Alto is the perfect month for a Hawaiian BBQ party.  We started with your favorite Tiki drink such as a Chi Chi, Mai Tai or Blue Hawaiian.  Chef Dalton offered Hawaiian Spare Ribs, Seared Mahi Mahi, and Shoyu Chicken.  Desserts included Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Coconut Chocolate Haupia.  ALOHA!